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How to calculate EP-value according to revised EPBD – REHVA experts developed a guidance explaining EPBD

Jarek Kurnitski
Page 4

Technical Guidance for EPBD Implementation Task Force, March 18th, 2024

Jarek Kurnitski, Jaap Hogeling, Livio Mazarella, Johann Zirngibl, Dick van Dijk, Tomasz Cholewa, Olli Seppänen, Pedro Vicente, Igor Sikonczyk, Martin Thalfeldt, Ongun Berk Kazanci, Jun Shinoda, Francesca R. d’Ambrosio, Gyuyoung Yoon, Masaya Okumiya, Makik
Pages 5 - 18

The EPBD recast, technical framework: part 1, definitions and ZEB

Livio Mazzarella
Pages 19 - 24

A Pilot Study on Window Opening Behaviour in Auckland, New Zealand

Lara Tookey, Mikael Boulic, Wyatt Page, Pawel Wargocki, Hennie van Heerden
Pages 25 - 29

Comparison of International Test Methods for Air Cleaners

Hannelore Scheipers, Arnold Janssens, Jelle Laverge
Pages 30 - 33

Household Generated Particulate Matter in Mechanically Ventilated Homes

German Hernandez, Rafael Borge, Dan Blanchon, Terri-Ann Berry
Pages 34 - 37

Ventilation and a Healthy and Comfortable Indoor Environment – What is the rationale behind the requirements?

Wouter Borsboom, Willem de Gids
Pages 38 - 39

Internal leakage in air handling units – the Outdoor air correction factor (OACF) and Exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR)

Williams Lawrance
Pages 40 - 42

Transient Aspects of thermal comfort according to the EN 16798-1

Joachim Seifert, Lars Schinke, Maximilian Beyer
Pages 43 - 47

How ventilation units with external or integrated heat pumps support climate and health mitigation strategies

Alexandre Stubert
Pages 48 - 49

New series of interviews: "The Concepts of Comfort and Health May Be Related but Are Not Synonyms"

Lada Hensen Centnerová
Pages 51 - 54

REHVA Student Competition

Pages 56 - 59

Smart²’s week in Brussels. Four days of standardisation activities, strategic meetings and networking

Pablo Carnero Melero, Afroditi Zamanidou
Pages 66 - 68

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