Table of content 12 chapters


Tourism or Carbon Emission Reduction by Renovating our Building Stock?

Jaap Hogeling
Page 05

Ventilative Cooling on the test bench – Learnings and conclusions from practical design and performance evaluation

Holzer Peter, Stern Philipp & Psomas Theofanis
Pages 06- 12

Ventilative Cooling in International Case Studies – Lessons Learned

Paul D O’Sullivan, Adam O’Donovan, Guilherme Carrilho da Graca & Guoqiang Zhang
Pages 14- 18

Study shows that unhealthy homes lead to reduced health

Ashok John, Andreas Hermelink, Nicolas Galiotto, Peter Foldbjerg, Katrine Bjerre Milling Eriksen & Jens Christoffersen
Pages 19- 22

Analyses of 1,000 ductwork airtightness measurements in France

Adeline Bailly Mélois & Bassam Moujalled
Pages 23- 28

Building and ductwork airtightness requirements in Europe

Valérie Leprince, François Rémi Carrié & Maria Kapsalaki
Pages 29- 33

Affordable and replicable renovation of social housing fulfilling indoor climate and energy targets thanks to seven replicable renovation elements

Nicolas Galiotto, Peter Foldbjerg, Jens Christoffersen, Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen & Sabine Pauquay
Pages 35- 39

Reintroduction of Natural Ventilation to a Historic Opera House

Julia Thompson, Michael Donn & George Baird
Pages 41- 45

Development of a compact Counterflow Heat Recovery Fan

Christoph Speer & Rainer Pfluger
Pages 47- 51

Uncertainties due to steady wind in building pressurisation tests

Valérie Leprince & François Rémi Carrié
Pages 53- 57

hybridGEOTABS project – MPC for controlling the power of the ground by integration

Filip Jorissen, Eline Himpe, Damien Picard, Tiziana Buso, Jelle Laverge, Wim Boydens & Lieve Helsen
Pages 58- 64

Earth, Wind & Fire: The Evolution of an Innovation (1) – ‘Earth’: Natural ventilation and air‑conditioning using the climate cascade

Ben Bronsema, Wim van der Spoel, Regina Bokel, Peter Swier, Harry Bruggema, Joost Vermeer, Otto Meerstadt, Jaap Veerman & Maarten Quist
Pages 65- 74

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