Table of content 9 chapters

Inspiring and Preparing the Next Generations of the Built Environment Professionals for a Net Zero Future: Revolutionary Evolution

Professor Mumovic Dejan
Pages 4 - 4

Delivering Sustainable, Safe and Healthy Buildings for a Net Zero Future: Educational Challenges and Opportunities

Dejan Mumovic, Duncan Grassie, Elizabeth Cooper
Pages 5 - 13

Teaching the fundamentals of building performance simulation in the 21st century

Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Pages 14 - 19

Mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development: Vertically Integrated Projects for Sustainable Development – A Case Study from the University of Strathclyde

Scott Strachan, Louise Logan, Stephen Marshall
Pages 20 - 23

Integral design – a necessity for sustainable building design

Wim Zeiler
Pages 24 - 32

Advancing transdisciplinary architecture and engineering education: Defining the needs of a new multidisciplinary built environment design professional

Elizabeth Cooper, Sonja Oliveira, Dejan Mumovic
Pages 33 - 39

Air cleaner as an alternative to increased ventilation rates in buildings: A simulation study for an office

Alireza Afshari, Alessandro Maccarini, Göran Hultmark
Pages 40 - 46

A New Learning Programme to Facilitate nZEB Implementation

Florin Bode
Pages 47 - 52

A structured approach to online education of future HVAC and energy professionals

Laure Itard, Philomena Bluyssen, Paula van den Brom
Pages 53 - 61

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