Table of content 12 chapters

Is it possible to achieve zero energy demand while rebuilding multi-dwelling buildings?

Åsa Wahlström
Pages 05 - 09

Heat pumps – a renewable energy technology?

Thomas Nowak
Pages 10 - 12

The role of heat pumps

Michael Taylor
Pages 13 - 15

Potential of solar assisted ground source heat pumps with unglazed solar collectors for French office buildings

Odile Cauret & Michaël Kummert

The ground source heat pump project at Lakeshore, Bristol (UK) – an example of a commercial turn-key heat pump project

Henk JL Witte

The ground source heat pump project at Lakeshore, Bristol (UK) (full-text version)

Henk JL Witte

Ljuskärrsberget - the largest ground source heat pump project in Sweden

Jan Enegård

System build up and description of the 2-stage DAIKIN Altherma Flex Type Air-to-Water heat pump for multi family houses

François Bruggemans

Old cooling methods benefit from using new technology

Yani Bettencourt

Definition of heat pumps and their use of renewable energy sources

Alex Vanden Borre

REHVA International Student competition at Annual Conference, 19 May 2011, Tallinn, Estonia

Jarek Kurnitski

EU Sustainable Energy Week: Smart energy for a sustainable Future

Cynthia Despradel

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