Table of content 10 chapters


Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) a challenge for the HVAC professional?

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 04 - 05

Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) for buildings not so smart as expected

Jaap Hogeling, Jarek Kurnitski
Pages 06 - 09

Structuring building monitoring and automation system data

Florian Stinner, Alina Kornas, Marc Baranski, Dirk Muller
Pages 10 - 15

Optimisation of Energy Consumption in Buildings through User-Identification

Osman Akyildiz, Anders Berg, Tobias Henzler, Konstantinos Stergiaropoulos
Pages 17 - 19

Personal control over indoor climate disentagled, Part 2

Runa Hellwig, Atze Boerstra
Pages 20 - 23

Maintenance: A Matter of Savings, Comfort and Legal Compliance

Thomas Picquet
Pages 24 - 28

The most common mistakes when designing a hot water storage tank

Roman Vavrička
Pages 30 - 35

Pay the PEX piper say industry experts

James Russell, David Walton
Pages 36 - 39

Gemeentehuis Horst aan de Maas: A case of Exellence in indoor environmental quality

Manuel Gameiro da Silva, Joao Dias Carrilho, Leo van Cappellen, John van Putten, Bart Smid
Pages 40 - 50

Energy and financial evaluation of envelope retrofit measures for an apartment block in Slovakia

Jana Bartošova Kmetkova, Dušan Petraš, Stefano P. Corgnati, Cristina Becchio
Pages 51 - 57

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