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Global warming some facts, what can the HVAC and Building sector do?

Jaap Hogeling
Page 5

Ongoing EPBD implementation and the use of the set of EPB standards in various EU countries

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 6 - 7

Status of implementation of EN-EPB standards in Italy

Laurent Socal
Pages 9 - 11

Implementation of EN-EPB standards in Switzerland

Gerhard Zweifel
Pages 13 - 15

The CEN Standards and the Implementation of the EPBD: A Personal Perspective from the UK

Roger Hitchin
Pages 17 - 21

The use of EPB standards in EPBD implementation in France

Johann Zirngibl and Emilien Paron
Pages 23 - 25

Status of implementation of EPBD and CEN EPB standards in Romania

Cătălin Lungu
Pages 27 - 31

Status of implementation of CEN EPB standards in Croatia

Damir Dović
Pages 32 - 34

Implementation of the EPB standards in The Netherlands including some reflections

Jaap Hogeling and Dick van Dijk
Pages 35 - 38

Framework for a transient energy-related occupant behavior agent-based model

Jakub Dziedzic, Da Yan, Vojislav Novakovic
Pages 39 - 46

Built Stock Explorer: an interactive platform for data-driven energy planning

Ruslan Zhuravchak, Natasa Nord, Helge Brattebø
Pages 47 - 50

Ventilation standards and regulation upgraded due to new insights on IEQ supporting innovative ventilation technics in the Netherlands

Marco Hofman
Pages 51 - 53

Demand controlled filtration, a high potential energy savings measure for cleanrooms?

Paul Molenaar, Marcel Loomans, Paul Joosten, Helianthe Kort
Pages 54 - 57

An accurate model to design displacement ventilation in office rooms

Natalia Lastovets, Risto Kosonen, Panu Mustakallio
Pages 59 - 62

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