• Established: 2020
  • Personal Members: 9
  • Company Members/Supporters: 70
  • Number of personnel in the office: 1
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In order to improve the quality of training of staff in the industry, BAHVAC has registered a Training Center, starting it’s training activities from March 2023. The Center is licensed for the professions of "Electrician" and "Technician of energy equipment and installations".


National conferences per year: 1

Next national or international conference: April 2023


Submitted a proposal to the Commission for Consumer Protection in relation to the need to develop a mechanism to put an end to unfair and misleading commercial practices of suppliers or service operators installation and servicing of air-conditioning, ventilation, heating, heat pump equipment, gas installations and appliances. 

Developing a proposal for the gas installation Norm in Bulgaria. Our goal is to prevent any kind of gas installations to build up by people without the related licences and annual checking.

Submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, NCSD, Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria for control over the design and construction of chimneys of residential and mixed-use buildings according to the regulatory requirements and under Ordinance Iz-1971 of 2009 of the Building and Technical Rules and Norms for ensuring safety in case of fire.

Develops a European funding program for purchase and installation of heat pump systems. BAHVAC is in a very close partnership with Technical University in Sofia.

Members of the association will have the opportunity to provide internship programs to students from the university.

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