Türk Tesisat Mühendisleri Derneği
Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers


  • Established: 1992
  • Personal Members: over 2000

TTMD was founded to develop the services given by Mechanical Engineering in heating, refrigerating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing, insulation and fire safety. Currently, TTMD is one of the biggest non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Turkey having professional members of designers, manufacturers, contractors, academicians, policymakers in the field of energy efficiency and environment. TTMD carry out many co-operations with universities and high schools, industry, research institutes, public bodies, NGOs and other professional expert groups for the objectives of creating living areas which are environmentally friendly, utilizing the energy more efficiently and having more sustainable buildings and installations. TTMD represents the Turkish engineers and architects in international platforms and keeps being in contact with international professional associations, following the technological developments and transferring them to its members and society. In addition to the seminars and courses regularly organized, TTMD organizes also symposium and congresses, publishes journals, books, and manuals containing recent information, develops projects targeting climate change, energy efficiency and nZEB and takes part actively in regulatory and standardization works. The members of TTMD has the privilege of receiving up-to-date information worldwide directly through TTMDs connections. Designers, consultants and contractor companies in the field of energy efficiency sector in Turkey, mostly have members of TTMD, who are highly-skilled professionals. 



  • ABOK
  • VDI


  • REHVA Member
  • ASHRAE Associate Member
  • CLIMAMED Member
  • IBPSA Turkish Chapter
  • AEE Turkish Chapter


Number of issues/ year: 6
Number of copies per issue: 3250


TTMD publishes wide range of guides, books and translated standards.

Total number of publications: 38


Number of training events/courses per year: app 100 seminars (free of charge)

Total number of participants per year: over 7.000


International Conference:

14th International HVAC+R Technology Symposium, 01-03 April 2019, Istanbul, Turkey.


TTMD leads many co-operations with universities, industry, research institutions and other professional expert groups for the objectives of creating living areas which are environmentally friendly, utilizing the energy more efficiently and having more sophisticated buildings and installations in it. Doing this, TTMD carries out the information and technology transfer. 

TTMD involved in several projects (FP7 funded, etc.) and promoted closer links with a view to increase the impact of the technologies developed across multiple areas. The projects TTMD involved in include: 

  • HIP: “development of low-cost, lightweight highly insulating polymers for refrigerated transport, heating and cooling installations” (FP7)

  • AquaConserver: “a novel and combined domestic grey water and heat recovery system suitable for cost effective installation in 90% of European households” (FP7)

  • SmartHeat: “modular platform technology for domestic heating and hot water systems that enables the cost-effective integration and efficient operation of RES”(FP7)

  • CSOContribution2SCP (Action Town): “Partnering to Enhance Civil Society Organizations’ Contribution to Research in Sustainable Consumption & Production” 

  • Climate Platform: “Full Support to the Private Sector in Transition to Low-Carbon Economics”

  • Training Youth for Green Jobs: “Training Youth and Promoting Youth Employment on Energy Efficiency in Buildings”  

  • From Hero to Zero: “Wise Energy Use Volunteering Scheme for Youngster”

  • iCoins: “Industry 4.0 competences for SMEs – Awareness raising tools''

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