The implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive provides Europe with tools. The EPBD Buildings Platform is an information service for helping the implementation of the Buildings' Directive, and in particular on 5 main themes namely, certification, inspection of boilers and air-conditioning systems, requirements for experts and inspectors, calculation procedures and minimum energy performance requirements. This service is useful for practitioners and consultants, experts in energy agencies, interest groups and national policy makers in the 27 Member States.

Its objective is to support the full and continued implementation of the EPBD by:

- Setting up mechanisms for the transfer of information between all stakeholders;
- Helping to implement the Directive by specific actions and coordinating the activities of the various stakeholders via the platform services;
- Providing input and tools to support the Commission and the Member States in the follow-up and evaluation of the impact of the Directive.

This Action was completed by end of 2008, and a new action, 'BUILD UP' was launched early 2009.

The 'Building Platform' web site that used to be at was replaced by the new BUILD UP portal at

This project is supported by the European Commission under IEE 

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