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Next Generation EPCertificates

EPC RECAST H2020 project sets a well-structured process and a toolbox supporting the development, implementation and validation of a new generation of Energy Performance Assessment and Certification, with a deliberate focus on residential buildings, more specifically existing ones, for which retrofit is one of the most challenging and pressing issue. By enhancing EPCs usability, reliability, and comparability, and by linking them to renovation roadmaps and building digital notebooks, EPC RECAST can achieve unprecedented user-friendliness and user awareness of building performance.

The EPC RECAST approach is focused on the cross-exploitation of building expert knowledge, international standards for the assessment of building energy performance (ISO/CEN, Mandate M/480), smart building technology, available digital BIM technologies and workflows, data sets and inverse modelling. EPC RECAST’s offers a significant contribution to the harmonization of the 28+ different approaches and EPC comparability over the EU.


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