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The overall aim of MOBISTYLE is to raise consumer awareness and motivate behavioral change towards energy efficient building usage by providing attractive personalized combined knowledge services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle, by ICT-based solutions.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Beside allowing the end user energy monitoring to offer the end user information on occupant’s health and their indoor environmental quality. To complement the existing energy monitoring system with body monitoring by several low-cost non-intrusive wearables and indoor environment evaluation by installing state-of-the-art smart sensors. 
  • To transform measured data into understandable information for identified user profiles raising awareness on energy use, health and indoor environment. 
  • To develop easy to use ICT-based tools which will make energy monitoring a well-accepted and attractive ‘daily activity’ (routine). 
  • To motivate behavioral change of end users by combined modular information on energy use, health and lifestyle. 
  • To deploy and validate the developed solutions for 5 demonstration cases featuring different building types and end user types: patients in a  rehabilitation clinic, residents in a social housing, students and staff in university buildings, residents living in a smart city, guests staying in a hotel. 
  • To foster new business models and applications.

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