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The overall aim of TripleA-reno is to make acceptation and decision making on deep and nZE renovation attractive for consumers and end-users through clear and meaningful information and communication on proven performances on energy, Indoor Environmental Quality and personal health. This goal is empowered by a consumer-centred business model, where an open end-users centred gamified platform plays the key role.

This platform will serve the project at 3 levels:

Level 1: gamified social design by co-creation;
Level 2: gamified realization of proven quality in interaction with end-users and a nZEB-community:
Level 3: gamified in-use platform for ensuring sustainable quality of the building and the user experience.

The attention of the project is on 3 main typologies of residential buildings – condominiums, private or public multifamily family buildings, private single family dwellings. Despite the major focus of TripleA-reno is on the occupants of these buildings (i.e. residents and owners), it also aims at addressing the interests of the actors on the “supply-side” of deep renovations, i.e. ESCOs, construction companies and design firms. These actors should engage in the gamification loop and make use of the proper certification and communication tools, if they want to grasp a new consistent share of motivated costumers.

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