Seminar at Light + Building on BIM Interoperability

  • When: 05 Oct 2022
  • Where: Messe Frankfurt, Building Plaza
  • Event type: Seminar

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a shared knowledge resource of information for a vast range of professionals -architects, engineers, AEC- involved throughout the building lifecycle, from modelling to management. However, buildings are complex objects to design, construct and maintain, and BIM faces challenges on integrating inhomogeneous data across multiple disciplines and formats: this is where BIM interoperability issue arises.

The diversity of actors and systems involved coupled with the long-life cycle of a building decrease the ability to solve identified problems. In addition to this issue, the heterogeneous nature of applications and software systems used across the construction industry makes the BIM flow of information even more complex.

In this Expert talk, international REHVA experts from academia and industry will tackle the importance and necessity of achieving interoperability in BIM, overviewing challenges and presenting existing solutions.

Moderator: Lada Hensen, REHVA Vice-President 


  • Kjartan Gudmundsson, KTH associate Professor - BIM Interoperability over the lifecycle of a project
  • András Rónai, MEP Manager and BIM Consultant ÓBUDA Group - BIM for the whole building life cycle
  • Maryam Daneshfar, TU Berlin research assistant, BIM-SPEED - Harmonized Building Information Speedway for Energy-Efficient Renovation
  • Pablo Vicente Legazpi, Building Digital Twin Association senior researcher - Building Digital Twins, Simulation Technical Insight

This seminar is taking place at Messe Frankfurt, during Light + Building

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