REHVA, The federation of European Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning associations will be organising two REHVA courses this year at the CLIMA 2019 Congress, held between 26th-29th May 2019 in Bucharest Romania. To honour these two courses to our participants at the CLIMA Congress, we are bringing a special promotion to the table on two of our REHVA Guidebooks that will be available for free purchase:

REHVA Guidebook No.20: Advanced system design and operation of GEOTABS buildings will be provided to each participant who attends our course: How to design hybridGEOTABS buildings’ components.

Guidebook 29: Quality Management for Buildings, Improving Building Performance through Technical Monitoring and Commissioning will be provided to each participant who attends the course: nZEB design: approach, principles and best practices.

These sessions provide a chance to learn and to obtain a deeper understanding into these projects. The cost of these sessions will be 35 Euros for students, and 75 Euros for Non students.

On-site registration is possible.

See REHVA Courses at CLIMA 2019

We look forward to having you join us at the CLIMA Congress 2019!

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