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Monday 27.05.2019.

  • Workshop no. 1 - The Value of Good Performance - How High-Performance Buildings Protect the Asset value and Increase your Bottom Line”
  • Workshop no. 2- The Power of the Cloud
  • Workshop no. 3 - Third-party confidence for building projects: Eurovent tools to deliver value
  • Workshop no. 4 - Why people matter? Exploitation strategies for people-centred design
  • Workshop no. 7 - “Building commissioning in Europe”
  • Workshop no. 8 - NZEB concepts in Europe and Japan

Tuesday 28.05.2019.

  • Workshop no. 9 - Indoor Environment Design for Smart Buildings 
  • Workshop no. 10 - Energy renovation of building stock towards nZEB levels: How to prepare the market for the challenge?
  • Workshop no. 11- BACS supported performance, technical monitoring and certified commissioning of HVAC systems
  • Workshop no. 12 - Costs and benefits of antibacterial filter and its effects on energy saving, human health and worker productivity
  • Workshop no. 13 - Energy in Buildings-Paths in Europe and Chine-Two Zooming Experiences
  • Workshop no. 14 - Towards optimized performance, design, and comfort in hybridGEOTABS buildings
  • Workshop no. 15 - Progress in demandoriented non-uniform air distributions City University of Hong Kong & Technical University of Denmark

Wednesday 29.05.2019.

  • Workshop no. 16 - BIM for Built Environment
  • Workshop no. 17 - Advanced HVAC/R measurement Technology and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Workshop no. 18 - Evidence-based ventilation needs and development process of future standards

The 13th REHVA World Congress CLIMA 2019, the leading international scientific congress in the field of Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), will be held from 26 till 29 May 2019 in Bucharest, Romania.
Under the logo ”Built environment facing climate change”, the proposed main topics for the 13th CLIMA Congress will put into discution the capacity of the new or existing refurbished buildings toghether with their technical systems, especially HVAC&S&R, to counteract in an energy efficient manner the climate changes in order to keep inside an optimum comfort, simultaneously with the security of occupants:

  • Advanced HVAC&R&S Technology and Indoor Environment Quality
  • High Energy Performance and Sustainable Buildings
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the Intelligent Building Management
  • Sustainable Urbanization and Energy System Integration

Find here more information about the call for papers, about the registration fees and the organizers contacts.

Find here a schedule of relevant dates for CLIMA 2019:

Third call for papers (abstracts + full papers)

July, 2018

Deadline for submission of abstractsSeptember 1st, 2018
Deadline for full papers submissionNovember 1st, 2018
Registration openingDecember 1st, 2018
Deadline for early registrationFebruary 1st, 2019
REHVA Annual MeetingMay 24-26, 2019
REHVA World Congress CLIMA 2019 & ExhibitionMay 26-29, 2019
Additional social programmeMay 29-31, 2019

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