The HVAC industry is an innovative place, and everyone is looking to stand out as a leading brand. You want to showcase the technical and service solutions and products you provide to the best HVAC professionals in the business.
Many companies sponsored the 11th Clima 2013 in Prague. They took advantage of more than 1,000 people attending the congress and exhibition, and the sustained exposure before, during and after the congress.



  • branding of your company with comprehensive signage and merchandise
  • targeted promotion by Rehva to its more than 100,000 members in a strong global network
  • online directions of HVAC companies that include your listing, logo and capabilities
  • business forums to present your services, projects and case studies to a high-level audience
  • international media exposure and publicity (organized for you buy the congress)
  • participation in structures networking events such as the gala evening, awards ceremonies,
  • and one-to-one meetings.

You are given the opportunity to be recognized as a serious and competitive organization in an industry with an ever-expanding number of providers.

The international audience of more than 1,000 people will be exposed to your products and services for four days, from Sunday to Wednesday 22-25 May. The exhibition attracts people involved with HVAC technology, product manufacturers, consultancies, knowledge and research institutes, governmental and non-governmental organizations and the media. It also draws non-congress delegates who have a keen interest in the trade exhibition.
The event is considered the prime meeting point for those in the HVAC world and it is where HVAC companies, consultants and technology suppliers unveil and present their leading-edge innovations in the HVAC field. Delegates understand that this high profile international congress is a must for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest in HVAC research, management and policy. Can your organization afford to miss the exposure and opportunities of an audience of 1,000+ HVAC leaders?

Your aim is to be at the forefront of people´s minds. You want people to know that you are a HVAC industry leader. We make sure your organization is given VIP treatment at the many business, technical and social functions during the congress. Your brand is also given extensive exposure through the media and at the congress, as well as to non-attending REHVA members through our publications and promotions.

The benefits of sponsoring or exhibiting go well beyond the congress – cement your products and services as the “go-to” brand for HVAC professionals. You will take advantage of branding rights, targeted HVAC promotions, online and media exposure, business forums and VIP networking.

Please read the brochure for more info.

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Talk to the congress organisers about tailoring their standard packages to meet your needs.
They welcome your questions and discussion.

Per Heiselberg, Congress Director
tel. +45 99 40 85 41, ph(at)civil.aau.dk

Per Rasmussen, Chairman of Sponsor Committee
tel. +45 28 88 55 15, Opens window for sending emailpra(at)ulefos.dk



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