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05 New EU research programme Horizon 2020 - an opportunity for HVAC industry
     Olli Seppänen


07 Nearly Zero Energy hotels
     Tiziano Buso, Jarek Kurnitski, Stefano Paolo Corgnati, Andrei Litiu and Anita Derjanecz

12 Water and energy nexus at the building level
     Claudia Agudelo-Vera, Will Scheffer, Ilse Pieterse-Quirinjs and Mirjam Blokker

16 Why energy monitoring and feedback is essential to achieve sustained energy efficiency in EU buildings
     Ian Knight

20 New Ecodesign regulations from the Commission
     Jorma Railio

24 Cooling of residential buildings in Germany
     Ronny Mai and Thomas Hatmann

30 Weather data available for 122 European cities
     Cornelia Baugirdis, Jürgens Masuch, Karl-Josef Albers and Klaus Hollenbach

32 Energy piles and other thermal foundations for GSHP
     Tony Amis and Fleur Loveridge

36 Suitability of foundation heat hexchangers for ground source heat pump systems in European climates
     James R. Cullin, Jeffrey D. Spitler and Signhild E.A. Gehlin


41 Classroom ventilation and illness absence in California elementary schools


42 Horizon 2020 Energy programme