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New EU research programme Horizon 2020 - an opportunity for HVAC industry

Olli Seppänen
Page 05

Nearly Zero Energy hotels

Tiziano Buso, Jarek Kurnitski, Stefano Paolo Corgnati, Andrei Litiu and Anita Derjanecz
Pages 07 - 11

Water and energy nexus at the building level

Claudia Agudelo-Vera, Will Scheffer, Ilse Pieterse-Quirinjs and Mirjam Blokker
Pages 12 - 15

Why energy monitoring and feedback is essential to achieve sustained energy efficiency in EU buildings

Ian Knight
Pages 16 - 19

New Ecodesign regulations from the Commission

Jorma Railio
Pages 20 - 23

Cooling of residential buildings in Germany

Ronny Mai and Thomas Hatmann
Pages 24 - 29

Weather data available for 122 European cities

Cornelia Baugirdis, Jürgens Masuch, Karl-Josef Albers and Klaus Hollenbach
Pages 30 - 31

Energy piles and other thermal foundations for GSHP

Tony Amis and Fleur Loveridge
Pages 32 - 35

Suitability of foundation heat hexchangers for ground source heat pump systems in European climates

James R. Cullin, Jeffrey D. Spitler and Signhild E.A. Gehlin
Pages 36 - 40

Classroom ventilation and illness absence in California elementary schools

Page 41

Horizon 2020 Energy programme

Pages 42 - 43

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