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CLIMA 2019 the venue where REHVA meets the global community

Jaap Hogeling
Page 05

Smart monitoring of building performance with IEQ sensor networks

Atze Boerstra, Arjen Raue & Louie Cheng
Pages 06 - 12

Assessing and Communicating Indoor Environmental Quality

Manuel Gameiro da Silva, Leo van Cappellen & Eduardo Sanjuanello
Pages 14 - 18

Ventilative cooling in a school building: evaluation of the measured performances

Hilde Breesch, Bart Merema & Alexis Versele
Pages 19 - 24

Energy saving opportunities in operating theatres: a literature study

Aleksandra Zarzycka, Wim Maassen & Wim Zeiler
Pages 25 - 31

Third party certification for water-clear performances on an opaque market

Marie-Clémence Briffaud
Pages 32 - 35

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