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Heating systems and their energy use

Jaap Hogeling
Page 05

Report on the results of the enquiry of the set of 15 CEN EPBD standards prepared by CEN TC 228 – Heating systems and water based cooling systems in buildings

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 06 - 07

Opening speech for the Heating and Cooling Conference in Brussels, 26–27 February 2015

Miguel Arias Cañete
Pages 09 - 11

Some impressions of the Heating and Cooling Conference

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 12 - 15

Calculation of building air infiltration and exfiltration with an Excel calculation tool

Thomas Hartmann, Christine Knaus & Florian Eibisch
Pages 16 - 26

Comparison between Energy Performance Directive related CEN-standards, EU Member States legislation and actual residential buildings consumption

Arcadio García Lastra, Víctor Soto Francés & José Manuel Pinazo Ojer
Pages 28 - 39

Cost analysis of nZEB/Plus energy buildings

Igor Sartori, Federico Noris & Sebastian Herkel
Pages 40 - 45

A need to improve regulations on indoor air quality, thermal comfort and daylight

Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)
Pages 46 - 47

Central ventilation and local exhaust in wood industrial facilities

Zuzana Straková & Peter Pribyl
Pages 48 - 52

Thermography – predictive maintenance technology for HVAC system reliability and safety improvements

Sai Srikanth Pinisetti
Pages 54 - 56

Using building simulation for moving innovations across the “Valley of Death”

Jan Hensen, Maria Archontiki, Roel Loonen & Michalis Kanellis
Pages 58 - 62

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