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The implementation of the new EPB-standards EU-wide will boost product innovation and create new market opportunities for our HVAC industry

Jaap Hogeling
Page 05

EPBD: the "software proof" check of the CEN / ISO standards - from the methodology to practial tools

Johann Zirngibl, Emilien Paron, Pim van den Helm & Khaled Begredj
Pages 06 - 14

Rapid, Transient, In-Situ Determination of Wall’s Thermal Transmittance

Arash Rasooli, Laure Itard & Carlos Infante Ferreira
Pages 16 - 20

Renewable energy technology feasibility study for a new hotel building in Amsterdam

Joep Bischoff, J.L.M. Hensen, H.M. Hamdy & C. Philips
Pages 21 - 27

Summary of the PhD Thesis of Atze Boerstra

Atze Boerstra
Pages 29 - 32

Building solutions for low temperature heat supply

Oddgeir Gudmundsson, Jan Eric Thorsen & Marek Brand
Pages 33 - 38

Performance improvement in a combined water heater

Fanny Lindberg
Pages 40 - 43

The ASHRAE Design Guide for Tall, Supertall and Megatall Building Systems

Peter Simmonds
Pages 45 - 52

Lepenski Vir - the prehistoric energy efficient architecture

Nenad B. Miloradović
Pages 54 - 59

Controlling urban runoff

Minna Kärkkäinen
Pages 60 - 63

ISO 18566, the international standard on the design, test methods and control of hydronic radiant heating and cooling panel systems

Jae-Han Lim & Kwang-Woo Kim
Pages 64 - 72

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