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EU Council and Parliament reached a deal on the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Jaap Hogeling
Page 04

Standardisation and EU common language across the value chain

Johann Zirngibl, Jana Bendzalova
Pages 05 - 07

The energy transition would be easy as technology exists, but who will pay for it, that is the question?

Csaba Csiky de Csiksomlyó
Pages 08 - 10

How to engage retail lenders in home renovation

Peter Sweatman
Pages 11 - 13

What stands between you and a successful Christmas dinner

Federica Sabbati
Pages 14 - 14

IEQ in the EPBD – How to set national requirements in line with revised EPBD?

Jarek Kurnitski
Pages 17 - 21

The SRI Observatory: the site to find everything on building smartness policy and research

Pablo Carnero Melero
Pages 23 - 24

Field Instrumented Follow-up of a Supply Ventilation System in a Nursery

Christian Feldmann, Louis Stephan, Arnaud Berchouchi
Pages 25 - 29

EPDs for ventilation components

Amund Ona Gjul
Pages 31 - 34

Circular economy in the construction industry – BUS-GoCircular project

Pavla Dvořáková, Karel Kabele, Martin Breen, Jan Cromwijk
Pages 35 - 41

Case study: Overestimated performance of CO₂ gas coolers

Japhet Habimana
Pages 42 - 43

REHVA Strengthens its EU Policy Advocacy Efforts

Page 49

REHVA Brussels Summit – Day 1

Page 50

REHVA Brussels Summit 2023 – Day 2

Carlota Perez Bouzada, Johann Zirngibl, Pablo Carnero
Pages 51 - 54

REHVA Brussels Summit 2023 – Energate expert talk – 13th November 2023

Carlota Perez-Bouzada
Pages 55 - 57

MODERATE workshop at the REHVA Brussel Summit - 14th November 2023

Sofia Bazzano, Alfonso Capozzoli, Mohsen Sharifi, Cristian Pozza
Pages 58 - 59

EU year of skills: EBC talks about construction skills in SMEunited conference and REHVA Summit

Page 60

News in the REHVA Family

Page 61

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