REHVA WebEx Instructions for participants

  1. Please allow enough time to install the Webex desktop app (if you haven’t done already) - go to -> scroll down to: "First Time User of Cisco WebEx Meetings" or "Existing User of Cisco Webex Meetings" for guidance;
  2. Use headphones with a microphone to avoid background noise
  3. Please, mute your mic and video if you're not speaking
  4. If you want to speak:
    • either find an appropriate moment in the discussion
    • or use chat to ask for the floor - the chair will give you 'the floor'
  5. Try to avoid parallel discussions in the chat box, keep it central for all to follow
  6. You can find the presentations and relevant documents of each meeting here. -> create a separate folder for each meeting with all presentations (separately from the GA – experts area?).
  7. Please, note that the audio-feed and chat will be recorded to assist in the writing of the Minutes of the meeting
  8. In case your connection is dropped or if you cannot participate in the meeting for any technical reason, please do one of the following: 
    • Call REHVA secretary by phone
    • Send a private text message to REHVA secretary in the chat box of the meeting you attend
    • Send a "high importance" email with your phone number to sp(at)

Click here for more information on how to use WebEx 

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