Associazione Italiana Condizionamento dell`aria, Riscaldamento Refrigerazione


  • Established: 1960
  • Personal Members: 2300
  • Company Members/Supporters: 158
  • Number of personnel in the office: 8
  • English website



AICARR Journal
Number of issues/ year: bimestrial
Number of copies per issue: 4500      3500


Annual publication: Collana Tecnica AiCARR – guide AiCARR


Number of training events/courses per year: about 100

AiCARR Formazione is based on 4 specific training areas:

• HVAC Design Training representing the best of breed in the overall offering, it is composed of 3 learning paths: Fundamental, Applications and e Qualification. 

• Training Paths provide a dedicated advanced training to specific professional categories 

• One-shot Courses, half-day or full-day seminars, provide high-quality, authoritative technical upgrades. 

• Professional Certification enables all business that installs, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and/or heat pump equipment containing or designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants to obtain an F-Gas Company Certificate. 

• On Demand Courses are arranged upon request from Companies and Public Administration. This training offer provides a tailor made training service. Seminars, workshops and long-term sessions can be organized in house, in order to provide the Client with an extensive and upgraded technical know-how to enhance the competitive added value.

All instructors are AiCARR Association members, university professors and highly skilled professional engineers.


National conferences per year: 2 – North Italy (June 2018) > BOLOGNA (October 2018) - Website of the conference:

International conference: To be defined

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