REHVA COVID-19 Multi-room and Recirculation Calculator for HVAC systems operational strategy assessment for reducing infection risk in buildings

This calculator was developed by Prof. Livio Mazzarella and the REHVA COVID-19 Task Force for specialists with at least a minimum understanding of ventilation and air distribution. The tool is available for download for experts who have read and understood the related COVID-19 guidance document, as well as the Technical Manual and User Guide regarding the function, limitations and use of the tool or are enrolled in the REHVA COVID-19 course. Please, note that the tool was developed before the detection of the latest, more contagious SARS-CoV-2 variants (in the UK, South-Africa, Brazil etc.), and any subsequent research on the topic has not been considered for its development and update. Therefore, its application and calculation results should be interpreted considering this limitation. To download the xls calculator, please fill in the form below and accept the terms and conditions.

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