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The project will facilitate the EU-wide adoption of BIM in the housing renovation by providing all stakeholders with a set of holistic solutions consisting of a cloud-based BIM platform, a set of BIM tools and interoperability solutions between different tools and the BIM platform, procedures for BIM-based activities throughout the whole renovation process.

BIM-SPEED relies on a trans-disciplinary approach comprising process, ICT and social innovation with a special attention to the stakeholders as a key success factor for BIM adoption.

BIM-SPEED consortium represents all players in the renovation market, including SMEs, large industries, research organisations, EU professional associations and higher education establishments.

BIM-SPEED develops a free-of-charge BIM cloud platform for architects and designers and demonstrates the applicability of the proposed BIM-SPEED solution in 12 case studies.

Market replicability grounds the entire BIM-SPEED approach. To foster this approach, an EU wide BIM competition will be organised using the BIM cloud platform.

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