Watch the recording of this webinar organised by REHVA, eu.bac and ECI under the umbrella of Leonardo Energy's BACS Academy to familiarize yourself or understand how to be compliant with the building automation and control system requirements introduced by the amended EPBD (Directive 2018/844).

To support the Member States in implementing the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), eu.bac has created a compliance checklist for Building Automation and Control System requirements related to the mandatory capabilities listed in Art.14 and Art.15.

The checklist provides a necessary reference list and highly detailed tool for building owners and managers, compliance inspectors, building designers, installers and policymakers.

Read more about the EPBD BACS compliance verification package

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  • The revised EPBD and the need for a tool to verify BACS compliance by Simone ALESSANDRI


  • The EPBD BACS Compliance Verification Package by Bonnie BROOK


  • Compliant BACS: prerequisite to the digital transformation of EU’s built environment by Andrei LITIU

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