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05 Will the outcome of COP21 stimulate the EU member states to accelerate the building and HVAC sector towards a carbon-free build environment?
      Jaap Hogeling


07 Experiences with Ventilative Cooling in Practical ApplicationExperiences with Ventilative Cooling in Practical Application
Peter Foldbjerg, Karsten Duer

12 Natural ventilative cooling in school buildings in Sicily
      M. Cellura, F. Guarino, S. Longo, M. Mistretta

17 Design of a new nZEB test school building  
      Hilde Breesch,
Barbara Wauman, Ralf Klein, Alexis Versele

21 Ventilative cooling in shopping centers’ retrofit
      Annamaria Belleri, Marta Avantaggiato

26 Single-sided ventilative cooling performance in a low energy retrofitSingle-sided ventilative cooling performance in a low energy retrofit
      Paul D O’Sullivan, Adam O’Donovan, Michael D Murphy, Maria Kolokotroni

32 Overheating assessment of energy renovations
      Theofanis Psomas, Per Heiselberg, Karsten Duer

36 Ventilative cooling of a seminar room using active PCM thermal storage
      Maria Kolokotroni, Thiago Santos, Nick Hopper

41 Control of indoor air quality by demand controlled ventilation
      Alexander L. Naumov,
Iuri A. Tabunshchikov, Dmitry V. Kapko, Marianna M. Brodach

46 ISO 11855 - The international Standard on the Design, dimensioning, installation and control of embedded radiant heating and cooling systems
      Jae-Han Lim, Kwang-Woo Kim

54 Retrofitting of the HVAC plant of an elderly people residential care home
      Marco Noro,
Giacomo Bagarella

62 Effects of Different Heat and Cold Generation Scenario (Heat Pump versus District Heating and Chiller) in a Building with Variable Air Volume versus Demand Controlled Ventilation Systems
      Petra Vladykova, Francesco Errico, Michele de Carli, Markus Kalo

67 Acoustic Evaluation of Floating Floors with Housekeeping Pads
      Mete Oguc, Deniz Hadzikurtes, Okan Sever


74 The Cold Climate 2015 conference and the Industrial Ventilation conferences in China during 19-28.10.2015
      Guangyu Cao, Risto Kosonen