Table of content 14 chapters


Drivers for energy transition of Italian residential sector

Giulia Crespi, Ettore Bompard
Pages 06 - 10

New evaluation metrics: the H2020 Mobistyle project contribution

Giulia Vergerio, Cristina Becchio, Ana Tisov
Pages 11 - 15

The ALDREN event in the EU Parliament - Grounding the Green Deal Implementation on European standards and tools

Johann Zirngibl, Rebeka Maršnjak
Pages 16 - 20

Fuel cell cogeneration for building sector: European status

Marta Gandiglio, Domenico Ferrero, Andrea Lanzini, Massimo Santarelli
Pages 21 - 25

Overall energy performance of polyvalent heat pump systems

Ilaria Abbà, Salvatore Cellura, Stefano Paolo Corgnati, Silvia Morassutti, Leonardo Prendin
Pages 26 - 31

Overcoming Obstacles to Financing Energy Efficiency in the HVAC and Building Sector

Divia Hobson
Pages 32 - 34

Heat Balances by using heat pumps

Ivana Stančíková
Pages 35 - 39

prEN 17423 Reporting of Primary Energy Factors and CO2 emission coefficient for a correct estimation of the real impact of building on energy and climate change

Johann Zirngibl
Pages 40 - 4.

Cost optimisation and life cycle assessments of nearly zero energy buildings

Kim B. Wittchen, Kirsten Engelund Thomsen, Ove Christen Mørck, Miriam Sanchez Mayoral Gutierrez
Pages 44 - 47

Decision Support Tool for Energy Flexible Office Buildings

Christina Papachristou, Pieter-Jan Hoes, Marcel G.L.C. Loomans, T.A.J. van Goch
Pages 48 - 55

Characteristics of a newly built general hospital in Romania

Ioan Silviu Doboși, Dragoș Mihăilă, Cornel Demeter, Dragoș Bocan, Cristina Tănasă
Pages 56 - 61

HVAC technologies as drivers for future energy transition – Interview with Prof. Francesca Romana D’Ambrosio

Pages 62 - 63

HVAC technologies as drivers for future energy transition – Interview with Prof. Livio Mazzarella

Pages 64 - 65

Why your next heating system will be a heat pump

Patrick Crombez
Pages 66 - 67

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