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Successful Clima 2013 Conference

Olli Seppänen
Page 05

Effects of indoor environment on performance

David P. Wyon and Pawel Wargocki
Pages 06 - 10

Nearby use of renewable energy sources - an alternative for on-site production

Jarek Kurnitski
Pages 11 - 12

VAV system with genuinely demand-controlled fans

Kurt Truninger
Pages 15 - 18

Comparative study of HVAC systems in hospitals: chilled beams and fan coils

Filipe Ventura
Pages 19 - 22

A Method to Analyse the Performance Residential Ventilation Systems

Jerzy Sowa, Maciej Mijakowski, Aleksander Panek
Pages 23 - 26

Ecodesign regulations for Solid fuel boilers and Local space heaters approaching the final steps

Jorma Railio
Pages 27 - 28

Status of new CEN Energy Performance of Buildings Standards

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 29 - 31

Improving the Energy by Coupling of a Heat Pump and Hybrid PV-T Panels

Eric Auzenet, Alain Guiavarch, Ismael Lokhat, Fabrice Claudon
Pages 32 - 35

Heat recovery ventilation with closed-loop ground heat exchange

Bart Cremers
Pages 36 - 39

MicroShade™ provides daylight and view out in the new Confederation of Danish Industry’ building in Copenhagen

Helle Foldbjerg Rasmussen
Pages 40 - 42

Effects of intermittent air velocity on thermal and draught perception – A field study in a school environment

Hans Wigö
Page 43

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