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Active REHVA involvement at policy level in Europe and beyond

Jaap Hogeling
Page 05

Boosting energy efficiency of buildings through ISO's holistic approach

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 06 - 07

Robust net-zero energy buildings - A methodology for designers to evaluate robustness

Rajesh Kotireddy, Pieter-Jan Hoes and Jan L. M. Hensen
Pages 09 - 19

Major energy renovations with the Total Concept method

Mari-Liis Maripuu and Åsa Wahlström
Pages 20 - 24

Energy Consumption and Indoor Environmental Quality of a Residential Building Before and After Refurbishment

Imrich Sánka, Veronika Földváry and Dušan Petráš
Pages 25 - 33

Social housing for seniors: best practices on achieving comfortable and energy efficient buildings

Peter Boerenfijn and J. van Hoof
Pages 34 - 38

Sensor positions – are there good or bad ones?

Kandzia C., Felsmann C., Gritzki R. and Rösler, M.
Pages 39 - 42

Wireless Technology in Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) Systems

Jan Risén
Pages 43 - 44

Air distribution in indoor ice skating rinks

Daria Denisikhina, Mikhail Samoletov and Marianna Brodach
Pages 46 - 51

Evaluation of evaporative cooling of walls in hot climates

Burhan Yoruk and Ahmet Arisoy
Pages 53 - 57

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