Table of content 9 chapters


Lada Hensen Centnerová
Pages 05 - 05

Cool and healthy classrooms with SchoolVent ventilation

Piet Jacobs, Eliane Khoury, Marius Klerk, Michel Valkema
Pages 06 - 09

Can ventilation combat airborne infection risks in schools?

Robert McLeod, Christina Hopfe, Fatos Pollozhani
Pages 11 - 19

Program of Requirements Healthy Dwellings

Marcel G.L.C. Loomans, Lada Hensen-Centnerová, Tim Beuker, Piet Jacobs
Pages 20 - 26

Using artificial intelligence to develop a VOC multi-gas sensor system for detecting air quality in shopping centres

Mahmoud ElMokadem, Samy Louca, Ali Abdelrahman, Kai Rewitz, Dirk Müller
Pages 28 - 32

Ventilation ductwork resistance to microbial growth under humid and cold conditions

Ilia Kravchenko, Risto Kosonen, Simo Kilpeläinen, Sami Lestinen, Pertti Pasanen
Pages 34 - 37

Precision Ventilation in Open Plan offices – A study of Variable Jet Interaction between Active Chilled Beams

Alireza Afshari, Göran Hultmark, Haider Latif, Alessandro Maccarini, Samira Rahnama
Pages 39 - 43

Interaction of thermal plumes from a patient wound with mixing and laminar airflow at different room temperatures in two operating rooms at St. Olav’s hospital

Tomáš Fečer
Pages 44 - 48

Synergy in HVAC systems: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Dynamic Control Communication

Darius Žižys
Pages 49 - 51

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