Table of content 10 chapters


Specific focus required for building renovation

Stefano P. Corgnati
Page 05

Energy retrofit towards nZEB goals – Interview with JRC members

Cecilia Guala
Pages 06 - 10

A harmonized database to share nZEBs good practices

Cristina Becchio, Cecilia Guala, Lara Orlietti
Pages 12 - 15

Towards nZEB buildings: a historical building case study

Tiziano Dalla Mora, Francesca Cappelletti, Fabio Peron, Piercarlo Romagnoni, Fred Bauman
Pages 16 - 20

Build a solar model for an nZEB Refurbishment

Cécile Jolas, Maxime Doya
Pages 22 - 26

A future nearly Zero Energy Hotel in Italy

Oriana Corino, Tiziana Buso, Jarek Kurnitski
Pages 28 - 32

CO2 zero schools - School building renovation towards emissions neutrality

Manuela Almeida, Marco Ferreira, Ana Rodrigues
Pages 34 - 38

Renewables and HVAC retrofit on an existing building in Spain

Francisco Javier Aguilar Valero, Aledo Simón, Quiles Pedro Vicente
Pages 40 - 44

A non-residential NZEB in Naples

Annamaria Buonomano, Adolfo Palombo
Pages 46 - 48

Energy efficient renovation approach in Turkey: targets, barriers and practice

Neşe Ganiç, Zerrin Yilmaz
Pages 50 - 53

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