Table of content 8 chapters


Decarbonization and Digitalization of Buildings-the future of HVAC

Stefano P. Corgnati
Page 05

Addressing the identification of cost reductions in the design and construction process in new multi-family houses

Michele Zinzi, Kirsten Engelund Thomsen, Heike Erhorn-Kluttig, Marko Jacimovic, Benedetta Mattoni, Ove Christen Morck, Marjana Šijanec-Zavrl & Bernd Utesch
Pages 06- 09

Introduction to the H2020 MOBISTYLE Project

Ana Tisov & Peter Op't Veld
Pages 11- 16

NZEB Strategies-Mediterranean warm climate in housing buildings

Manuel J. Romero & Pedro V. Quiles
Pages 17- 22

Quality Management and Digitalization for Building Performance

Stefan Plesser & Ole Teisen
Pages 24- 30

Annex 67-Energy Flexible Buildings

Bart Bleys, Soren Ostergaard Jensen & Anna Marszal- Pomianowska
Pages 32- 36

The Digitalization of Residential Building Services: Comfort, Convenience and Control-a Romanian Case study

Andrei Vladimir Litiu, Carmen Luminita Cuc & Ivo Martinac
Pages 37- 41

DAIKIN anniversary interview with Frans Hoorelbeke, Chairman and Member of Directors

Anita Derjanecz
Pages 43- 46

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