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U-CERT’s main aim is to introduce a next generation of user-centred Energy Performance Assessment and Certification Scheme to value buildings in a holistic and cost-effective manner:

  • Facilitate convergence of quality and reliability, using the EPB standards developed under the M/480 mandate, enabling a technology neutral approach that is transparently presenting the national and regional choices on a comparable basis;
  • Encourage the development and application of holistic user-centred innovative solutions, including the smart readiness of buildings;
  • Encourage and support end-users in decision making (e.g. deep renovation), nudge for better purchasing and instil trust by making visible added (building) value, using EPC’s.

U-CERT proposes and tests a possible next generation of Energy Performance Certification schemes facilitated by a holistic methodology and supporting digital tools via 3 envisioned transitions paths:

  • A full and smooth implementation of the EPBD and EPB standards under mandate M/480;
  • User centred design for facilitating and accelerating building performance improvements (ranging from behaviour change all the way to deep renovation);
  • Leveraging synergies between the Smart Readiness Indicator for buildings and the set of EPB standards for shifting the current EPC paradigm to an evidence-based approach e.g. building operational rating.

REHVA, with the support of its member associations (especially those involved as partners) is leading the development process for U-CERT’s methodology and overall data collection activities, contributes to the development of the supporting digital tools and their testing in U-CERT case studies and furthermore manages the communication, dissemination and exploitation work, while also engaging all relevant stakeholders throughout the implementation duration for arriving as close as possible to 100% market relevance.

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