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Energy Efficency in Historic Buildings (GB26) By: REHVA

  • nZEB, high performance buildings
  • Building performance calculation and simulation
  • Building performance management
  • energy performance of historic buildings
  • design framework

Guide for standards and regulations on heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning (SRB01) By: SMEITS

This guide was primarily written for engineers ? designers and contractors, to whom the starting points of HVAC&R standards and regulations are sufficient. It is not merely a reprint of standards and regulations, but a review of their starting points and essence necessary for design and contracting approach. Only in cases of some ambiguity, it is necessary to look for a source material.

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • standards
  • regulations
  • HVAC&R

Scientific-technical five-language dictionary (heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning) (SRB02) By: SMEITS

For the first time this dictionary offers a comparative review of the most needed terms from the field of heating, refrigeration, ventilation, and air-conditioning in Serbian, English, German, French, and Russian. In some languages several terms are given for some notions and, therefore, there are total 38000 terms.

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • HVAC&R dictionary

Food refrigeration and freezing technology (SRB03) By: SMEITS

The basic notions of human nutrition, food ingredients, storage conditions, and storage effects on food properties are explained. Furthermore, changes of foodstuffs and consequences of such changes on quality or deterioration of food properties are described. The sanitary and hygienic working conditions are listed, according to specific requirements in the storage process and storage possibilities/options and conditions are presented in detail.

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • refrigeration
  • freezing technology

Handbook for moist air and compressed air (SRB51) By: SMEITS

The handbook provides a comprehensive review of and insight into the areas in which air is used as a working medium. In addition to fundamental postulates related to the properties and behaviour of air under pressure, the book presents the functions that can be achieved, such as: transformation of energy into mechanical work and energy transfer, management of technological operations and processes for information transfer and processing using appropriate means.

  • Ventilation systems
  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • moist air
  • compressed air

Clean rooms (SRB04) By: SMEITS

This book is the first step ? a theoretical insight into the clean room design problems.

  • Indoor environmental quality and building users
  • clean rooms

Small thermal engineering handbook (SRB49) By: SMEITS

The small thermal engineering handbook contains the tables with graphic symbols which should be used, in accordance with the adequate standard, when drawing the schemes of refrigeration plants, as well as the tables with practical data on flammability limit of some gases and vapour, approximate coefficients of heat transfer depending on convection types and similar. A special attention is paid to the chapter on refrigerants ? the field of great significance for development of thermal engineering equipment and systems, in which important changes have occurred regarding conventionally used refrigerants.

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Systems design
  • thermal engineering

Handbook on pipe network balancing in heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning (SRB47) By: SMEITS

The handbook provides detailed information on the behaviour of radiators, fan coils, heaters, and refrigerators in air-conditioning and ventilation chambers, as well as energy sources (boilers, refrigeration machines, heat exchangers), when they operate in an unbalanced system.

  • pipe network balancing
  • heating
  • refrigeration
  • air-conditioning

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