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The implementation of the new EPB-standards will boost product and HVAC system innovation and create new market opportunities for the HVAC industry

Jaap Hogeling
Page 04

Analysis of performance metrics for data center efficiency – should the Power Utilization Effectiveness PUE still be used as the main indicator? (Part 1)

Peter Foldbjerg, Karsten Duer
Pages 05 - 11

EN-ISO 16890:2016 New global standard links filtration performance to outdoor air pollution

Anders Sundvik
Pages 12 - 15

Definition of filtration performance From EN 779 to ISO 16890

Sylvain Courtey
Pages 16 - 19

The New Climate Room for transient investigations of thermal comfort

Joachim Seifert, Lars Schinke, Maximilian Beyer, Alexander Buchheim
Pages 20 - 22

Comfort modelling in semi-outdoor spaces

Mateusz Bogdan, Edouard Walther
Pages 23 - 25

Opening of collection 2017

Yannick Lu-Cotrelle
Page 26

Residential Air Handling Units for better indoor air quality and energy efficiency

Sylvain Courtey
Pages 27 - 31


Pages 33 - 47

Certified performances for air cleaners

Marie-Clémence Degallaix
Pages 49 - 51

Natural ventilation uncertainties in building energy simulations

Mateusz Bogdan, Edouard Walther
Pages 53 - 55

Dutch academic Building Services design education: Integral Design to connect industry and university, essential for nZEB design

Wim Zeiler
Pages 57 - 62

The Clean Energy Package of the European Commission – what’s new in the revised EPBD?

Anita Derjanecz
Pages 64 - 66

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