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Compliance and quality of the works

Peter Wouters
Page 04

The QUALICHeCK International Workshop on Transmission Losses

François Rémi Carrié and Paula Wahlgren
Pages 05 - 07

Renewable heating and cooling systems: compliance of product data and quality of installations

Susanne Geissler and François Durier
Pages 09 - 11

Quality Assurance for energy-efficient Construction and Retrofitting

Heike Erhorn-Kluttig, Linda Lyslow and Hans Erhorn
Pages 13 - 15

Can BIM be a disruptive technology for EPC assessment?

Peter Wouters,François Durier and Bart Ingelaere
Pages 16 - 18

The smartness indicator

Peter Wouters and Jens Laustsen
Pages 19 - 22

Highlights from QUALICHeCK webinars

Alexander Deliyannis
Pages 23 - 25

Overview of QUALICHeCK Factsheets

Alexander Deliyannis
Pages 26 - 27

Activities of the QUALICHeCK platform

Peter Wouters
Page 28

SenseLab: a genuine playground for the senses!

Philomena M. Bluyssen
Pages 29 - 32

Butterfly Conservatory HVAC Design Strategy in Continental Climate

Ercan Agar, Ufuk Selvi and Utku Başyazici
Pages 33 - 36

Analysis of performance metrics for data center efficiency – should the Power Utilization Effectiveness PUE still be used as the main indicator? (Part 2)

Tom van de Voort, Vojtech Zavrel, Ignacio Torrens Galdiz and Jan Hensen
Pages 37 - 43

REHVA position paper on the European Commission proposal of the revised ENERGY PERFORMANCE OF BUILDINGS DIRECTIVE COM(2016)0765

Pages 48 - 50

JRC review – evidence based recommendations for IEQ inclusion in EPBD

Jarek Kurnitski
Page 51

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