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Compliance and quality of the works: critical factors for successful EPBD implementation

Peter Wouters
Page 05

Compliant input data for building energy performance certificates

François Durier
Pages 06 - 09

Quality of works – Existing situations, reasons for problems and first best practice solutions

Heike Erhorn-Kluttig, Hans Erhorn
Pages 10 - 12

Compliance of U-values in new residential buildings in Cyprus

Marina Kyprianou Dracou
Pages 14 - 15

Competent tester schemes for building airtightness

Valérie Leprince, François Rémi Carrié
Pages 16 - 17

Quality management and building airtightness: the French approach

Sandrine Charrier, François Rémi Carrié
Pages 18 - 20

Belgium quality framework for building airtightness tests

Clarisse Mees, Christophe Delmotte
Pages 21 - 22

AMA and Certification of Ventilation Installers - Two Swedish ways of improving the quality of HVAC-systems

Johnny Andersson
Pages 23 - 25

Solar and daylight management for energy performance buildings

Ann Van Eycken
Pages 26 - 27

Certified Performance Database: tool for quality and compliance

Sylvain Courtey
Pages 28 - 29

Air conditioning environmental challenges

Didier Coulomb
Pages 30 - 34

2015 REHVA Student competition summary

Page 35

Desktop polling station for real‑time building occupant feedback

Stine Pedersen, Steffen Petersen
Pages 36 - 38

A local ventilation system for the operating theatre

Jelle Loogman, Ivo de Visser
Pages 39 - 43

Passive Cooling Measures for Single-Family Houses

Magdalena Zwiehoff
Pages 44 - 48

Testing the use of an active chilled beam technology in a hospital ward mock-up

Aleksejs Prozuments
Pages 49 - 52

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