Table of content 12 chapters


EPBD revision ongoing

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 4 - 4

How to set primary energy requirements so that poor building envelope cannot be compensated with extensive PV?

Jarek Kurnitski, Jaap Hogeling
Pages 5 - 9

The EPBD recast: how to come to a transparent and fair ZEB definition

Dick van Dijk, Jarek Kurnitski
Pages 10 - 15

CLIMA 2022 conference papers on the theme ENERGY

Pages 16 - 17

Going active: How do people envision the next generation of buildings?

Elli Nikolaidou, Ian Walker, David Coley, Stephen Allen, Daniel Fosas
Pages 18 - 26

5-year performance of a Swedish mixed-use ground source heat pump system

Jeffrey D. Spitler, Signhild E. A. Gehlin
Pages 27 - 36

Design of highly compact indirect evaporative coolers

Francisco Comino, Jesús Castillo-González, Francisco J. Navas-Martos, Pablo E. Romero, Manuel Ruiz de Adana
Pages 37 - 42

A common European EPB Assessment and Certification scheme. U-CERT’s proposal

Pablo Carnero, Dick van Dijk, Niccolò Mignani, Gabriela Ana
Pages 43 - 50

Review of Certification Procedure for Inverter Air Conditioner

Ali Nour Eddine
Pages 51 - 55

Deep energy renovation, the effect of airtightness and heat recovery in renovation projects

Mikko Iivonen
Pages 57 - 60

Start breathing – future of non-residential buildings has started!

Ralf Wagner
Pages 61 - 66

Why embrace the EU framework for sustainable buildings (and where to start)?

Josefina Lindblom
Pages 87 - 89

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