Table of content 12 chapters


COVID-19 crisis – fertile grounds for the Renovation Wave initiative?

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 4 - 4

COVID-19 and recirculation

Marcel Loomans, Jos de Leeuw, Gertjan Middendorf, Peter V. Nielsen
Pages 5 - 9

Upper room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

Francesco Franchimon
Pages 11 - 14

“Air conditioning” – Virus spreaders or infection prevention?

Thomas Wollstein
Pages 15 - 18

Calculating the risk of infection

Marcel Loomans, Atze Boerstra, Francesco Franchimon, Chris Wisse
Pages 19 - 24

Ventilation rate and room size effects on infection risk of COVID-19

Jarek Kurnitski
Pages 26 - 31

A tool for HVAC systems operational strategy assessment for reducing infection risk in existing and newly designed buildings

Livio Mazzarella
Pages 32 - 38

Simplified estimation of the risk of infection by aerosol-bound viruses in ventilated rooms

Dirk Müller, Kai Rewitz, Dennis Derwein, Tobias Maria Burgholz
Pages 40 - 50

Practical guidance for ventilation of healthcare facilities - Ventilation is important but certainly not the holy grail

Roberto Traversari, Anne Brouwer, Frans Saurwalt, Wim Maassen
Pages 51 - 56

Considerations on pandemic resilient healthcare facilities

Anne Brouwer, Roberto Traversari, Frans Saurwalt, Menno Hinkema, Wim Maassen
Pages 57 - 63

Rotary heat exchangers save energy and prevent a need for recirculation which contributes to the decrease the risk of COVID-19 transfer

William Lawrance, Timo Schreck
Pages 65 - 68

State of knowledge in Sweden during the Corona pandemic

Thomas Olofsson, Åke Fransson, Gireesh Nair
Pages 69 - 71

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