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EPBD: still ongoing discussion in Brussels

Jaap Hogeling
Page 05

Residential heat recovery ventilation – European guidebook under preparation

Jarek Kurnitski
Page 07

Residential Ventilation – Needs, Trends and Expectations

Claus Händel
Page 11

A short impression of a Dutch conference with the title “Day of Indoor Air” as held November 2nd 2017 in Den Bosch in the Netherlands

Jaap Hogeling
Page 18

Cooking exhaust systems for low energy dwellings

Piet Jacobs, Wouter Borsboom
Page 21

The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre’s new Technical Note 68 “Residential Ventilation and Health”

Wouter Borsboom
Page 27

Indoor environmental input parameters for the design and assessment of energy performance of buildings

Bjarne W. Olesen
Page 29

The set of Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) standards: spotlight on the (EN) ISO 52000 family

Dick van Dijk
Page 31

Improvement of ventilation with latent heat storage

Vincenc Butala, Uroš Stritih, Rok Koželj
Page 37

Perfect air conditioning for one of Europe’s most modern theatresPerfect air conditioning for one of Europe’s most modern theatres

Jukka Juottonen
Page 43

Liquid chillers: water versus air cooled condensers – energetic and economic comparison

Renato Giovanni Merati
Page 46

Adaptive ventilation to improve IEQ: the case study of Chapel of Holy Stairs

Michala Lysczas, Karel Kabele
Page 46

Reliability, security and energy efficiency achieved with Belimo

Page 56

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