Table of content 17 chapters

Scandinavian HVAC

Olli Seppänen
Page 5

Nordic Countries

Pages 6 - 7

NZEB requirements in Nordic countries

Jarek Kurnitski
Pages 8 - 12

Geothermal energy use in the Nordic countries

Signhild Gehlin
Pages 14 - 18

Renovation of ventilation in apartment buildings – Estonian experience

Alo Mikola, Kalle Kuusk, Anti Hamburg, Jarek Kurnitski, Targo Kalamees
Pages 20 - 26

Validation of a simulation model of a plant equipped with ground source heat pumps

Jörgen Eriksson, Max Tillberg
Pages 28 - 31

The potential for utilizing energy flexible buildings to reduce district heating peak demand

Rasmus Elbæk Hedegaard, Steffen Petersen
Pages 33 - 37

Thermal Comfort Risks in District Heating System Controlled by Demand Response

Risto Kosonen, Juha Jokisalo,Simo Kilpeläinen
Pages 38 - 41

NeGeV: Phase Change Materials for Innovative Cooling Solutions

Viktor Ljungdahl, Muhyiddine Jradi, Esther Kieseritzky, Mads Rasmussen, Christian Veje Klavs Kamuk,
Pages 42 - 47

Ventilation Radiator – Combination of Heating and Ventilation

Mikko Iivonen
Pages 48 - 50

Phyn Plus: New approach to water management in homes

Ilari Aho
Pages 51 - 54

Renovation of room system control – a step towards smart buildings

Risto Kosonen,Juha Jokisalo, Simo Kilpeläinen
Pages 55 - 57

SSO User Insight Toolbox for employees’ health, well-being and productivity

Quan Jin,Holger Wallbaum,Ulrike Rahe,Melina Forooraghi
Pages 58 - 63

Data-driven analysis of occupancy and lighting patterns in office building in Norway

Fang Yuan,Yuemin Ding,Natasa Nord
Pages 64 - 69

Comparison of laminar and mixing airflow pattern in operating rooms of a Norwegian hospital

Guangyu Cao,Anders Mostrøm Nilssen,Hans Martin Mathisen,Yixian Zhang,Kai Xue,Liv-Inger Stenstad,Liv-Inger Stenstad,Andreas Radtkem,Jan Gunnar Skogås
Pages 71 - 77

Diffuse ceiling ventilation

Chen Zhang,Per Heiselberg
Pages 78 - 82

Research possibilities in the Norwegian ZEB Laboratory

Berit Time,Alessandro Nocente,Hans Martin Mathisen,Arne Førland-Larsen,Anders Ramberg Myhr,Terje Jacobsen,Arild Gustavsen
Pages 83 - 88

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