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The CLIMA 2019 HVAC World Congress was a success

Jaap Hogeling
Page 5

The new EN ISO 52000 family of standards to assess the energy performance of buildings put in practice

Pages 6 - 14

Radiant ceilings combined with diffuse ventilation – a numerical parametric study of cooling performance

Marie Rugholm Krusaa, Christian Anker Hviid, Jonathan Magnes and Jakub Kolarik
Pages 15 - 23

Decarbonization: exergy to the rescue

Dr. Birol Kilkis
Pages 24 - 30

Simulation Optimization on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Carbon Dioxide in Microchannel Evaporator

Fu Yijun, Li Guo and Lv Jing
Pages 31 - 39

Development of an adaptive aerofoil contour for use as a fan blade

Jannis Müller, H. Hahn and C. Friebe
Pages 40 - 48

Predicting personal thermal preferences based on data-driven methods

José Joaquín Aguilera, Jørn Toftum and Ongun Berk Kazanci
Pages 49 - 56

Enhanced IEQ through Passive Earth Tubes in Canada

Trevor Butler, Dr John Littlewood and Dr Huw Millward
Pages 57 - 63

Halton 50 years. Interview with Tarja Takki-Halttunen and Mika Halttunen from Halton Group

Anita Derjanecz
Pages 64 - 69

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