Table of content 13 chapters

Presidential address of REHVA president Cătălin Lungu (2022-2025)

Cătălin Lungu
Pages 4 - 5

Outcome of the CLIMA 2022 congress, a blueprint for further actions!

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 6 - 6

A new draft standard with calculation procedures regarding adaptive building envelope elements: prEN ISO/DIS 52016-3

Dick van Dijk
Pages 7 - 14

Technical comments on the zero-emission building definition in EPBD recast proposal

Jarek Kurnitski, Johann Zirngibl

Field investigation of the airborne infection risk in fitness centres during COVID-19 pandemic

Nabaneeta Sharma, Yang Bi, Evangelia Gioti, Emma Dyvesveen Myrbekk, Guangyu Cao
Pages 20 - 23

Critical versus non-critical path control in Residential DC-MEV

Kevin Verniers, Frederik Losfeld, Ivan Pollet
Pages 24 - 28

Improved Cooling Performance Testing of Radiant Ceiling Panels

Jun Shinoda, Ongun B. Kazanci, Shin-ichi Tanabe, Bjarne W. Olesen
Pages 30 - 34

Testing Portable Air Cleaning Units –Test Methods and Standards: A Critical Review

Alireza Afshari, Jinhan Mo, Enze Tian, Olli Seppänen
Pages 35 - 46

Horizontal Living – Healthy Homes Design Competition

Levin Kümmerle, Martina Heilig
Pages 47 - 51

Potential of Waste Water Heat Recovery in reducing the EU's energy need

Pavel Sevela, Johannes Frenger, Jürgen Schnieders, Rainer Pfluger
Pages 53 - 62

Holistic approach to design healthy and resilient apartments

Abel Sepúlveda, Roman Smirnov, María Dolores Donaire Galiano
Pages 63 - 69

Overview of REPowerEU Actions impacting HVAC & Buildings

Jasper Vermaut
Pages 94 - 96

EPBD Negotiations: Updates from the European Parliament

Jasper Vermaut
Pages 97 - 98

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