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REHVA in the 2000 millennium

Olli Seppänen
Page 05

Refrigerants - Part 1: properties and air – conditioning applications

Branimir Pavkovic
Pages 07 - 11

Practical experience with a fuel cell unit for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation on the building level

Klaus Sommer, Eva Mesenhöller
Pages 12 - 17

The cost optimal methodology applied to an existing office in Italy

Cristina Becchio, Stefano P. Corgnati, Enrico Fabrizio, Valentina Monetti
Pages 18 - 23

Special HVAC Solutions for the Refurbishment of Historic Buildings

Rainer Pfluger
Pages 24 - 28

French building regulation sets 50 kWh/(m²a) a limit for primary energy use

Christian Feldmann
Pages 29 - 32

Heat pump options for low energy office buildings in cold climate

Natasa Nord, Jostein Wall
Pages 33 - 36

Frost-protection measures in energy recuperation with multiple counterflow heat exchangers

Raffael Ahmed, Julian Appelhoff
Pages 37 - 40

Achieve superior energy performance of hydronic systems by enabling the latest pump technology

Carsten Østergård Pedersen, Anders Nielsen
Pages 41 - 46

Personal Control Over Heating, Cooling and Ventilation – results of a workshop at Clima 2013 conference

Atze Boestra, Angela Simona
Pages 47 - 51

Energy use and thermal comfort of two apartment buildings before and after refurbishment in Slovakia

Veronika Földváry, Lucia Borisová, Dušan Petráš
Pages 52 - 57

Conceptual design of plus energy single family house in Warsaw, Poland

Marcin Wronowski
Pages 58 - 62

Is CO2 an Indoor Pollutant?

William J. Fisk, Usha Satish, Mark J. Mendell, Toshifumi Hotchi, Douglas Sullivan
Pages 63 - 64

REHVA Task Forces – backbone of the REHVA Technical activities

Jorma Railio, Jarek Kurnitski, Livio Mazzarella
Page 65

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