Table of content 9 chapters


EU Green Deal, Renovation Wave, Fit for 55 by 2030 towards Zero Carbon emission by 2050, drivers for the EPBD revision in 2022

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 5 - 5

Heat pumps: lost in standards… and found

Laurent Socal
Pages 6 - 16

Innovative heat pump solutions: the SunHorizon Technology Packages

Federica Fuligni, Serena Scotton, David Cheze, Andrea Frazzica, Andrea Gabaldón, Giuseppe Dino
Pages 18 - 22

Resizing radiators in the system

Mikko Iivonen
Pages 24 - 26

Effect of Portable Gas-Phase Air Cleaners on Indoor Air Quality

Alireza Afshari, Olli Seppänen, Bjarne W. Olesen, Jinhan Mo
Pages 28 - 35

TripleA-reno: Combined Labelling Scheme of Dwellings

Zoltan Magyar, Gabor Nemeth, Jasper Vermaut
Pages 38 - 44

TripleA-reno: Demonstration of Combined Labelling Scheme

Zoltan Magyar, Gabor Nemeth, Peter op’t Veld, Simona d’Oca, Ana Sanchis Huertas, Davide Prati, Jasper Vermaut
Pages 45 - 49

Flow Visualization of Ammonia inside a Plate Heat Exchanger

Maaike Marie-Louise Leichsenring
Pages 50 - 54

Revision of key EU directives to spur building decarbonisation and the renovation wave

Anita Derjanecz
Pages 50 - 59

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