Table of content 13 chapters


European Green Deal: Fit for 55 by 2030!

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 4 - 4

Heat pumps: lost in standards…

Laurent Socal
Pages 05 - 13

Gas driven Absorption Heat Pumps in domestic heating

Lorenzo Pistocchini, Andrea Storoni, Tommaso Toppi, Mario Motta
Pages 14 - 17

Application of Heat Pumps in Existing District Heating System

Martina Mudrá, Ján Takács
Pages 18 - 22

Heat pumps rescued Xylem's heat storage facility in Emmaboda, Sweden

Olof Andersson, Niklas Håkansson, Leif Rydell
Pages 23 - 27

Natural refrigerant heat pumps for residential buildings

Daniel Carbonell Sanchez, Mihaela Dudita, Spyridon Pantelis, Alireza Zendehboudi, Xabier Anton Peña, Maike Schubert
Pages 28 - 32

Air source heat pumps for space heating and cooling

Xianting Li, Baolong Wang
Pages 33 - 37

European heat pump market

Thomas Nowak
Pages 40 - 43

VRF indoor units’ airflow limit: A step further for guaranteed performances

Ali Alexandre Nour Eddine, Morgane Lajeunesse
Pages 44 - 45

Can we still trust in EN 442? New Operating Definitions for Radiators – Part 2: Model Based Analysis and Results

R. Gritzki, C. Felsmann, M. Rösler, A. Gritzki, M. Iivonen, J. Naumann
Pages 47 - 54

A Paradigm Shift?

Göran Stålbom
Pages 55 - 59

Fit for 55 package – an action plan that fits perfectly with Daikin's renewable heating operations

Pages 60 - 62

Fit for 55: Overview of most important policy proposals for the building sector

Jasper Vermaut
Pages 63 - 66

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