Table of content 13 chapters


IEQ and Ventilation to be integrated in recast Energy performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 4 - 4

Evaluation of replacement air systems – Avoiding negative pressure problems during cooker hood operation in airtight dwellings

Lars Ekberg, Per Kempe
Pages 5 - 8

Kitchen ventilation solutions in urban dwellings

Kari Thunshelle, Aileen Yang
Pages 9 - 12

Challenges and Needed remedies of Demand Controlled Ventilation

Panu Mustakallio, Peter G. Schild, Lars Ekberg
Pages 13 - 17

Covid 19 guidance for the Swedish construction and real estate sectors – results from a survey study

Lars Ekberg, Jonas Anund Vogel, Jakob Löndahl, Thomas Olofsson, Sasan Sadrizadeh, Aneta Wierzbicka
Pages 18 - 20

Control of airborne infections with ventilation and air distribution in post COVID pandemic

Position paper by Nordic Ventilation Group
Pages 21 - 23

Existing protocols for the inspection of ventilation systems

Nolwenn Hurel, Valérie Leprince
Pages 24 - 30

Application of Indoor CO₂ in Response to the Pandemic

Andrew Persily, Oluwatobi Oke
Pages 31 - 34

Shower drain heat recovery – an introduction

Laurent Socal
Pages 35 - 43

Recent developments on Environment Product Declarations (EPDs) for HVAC products in Europe

Thor Endre Lexow
Pages 44 - 47

Comparative LCA of Water Installation Tube Systems based on Copper, PEX-Al and PEX

Olivier Tissot
Pages 48 - 52

MODERATE: Marketable Open Data Solutions for Building Energy Optimisation

Jasper Vermaut, Francesca Conselvan, Daniele Antonucci, Philipp Mascherbauer, Cristian Pozza
Pages 53 - 56

Update on the F-Gas Regulation negotiations: The shift to (very) low-GWP refrigerants

Jasper Vermaut
Pages 60 - 64

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