Table of content 14 chapters



Jaap Hogeling
Pages 4 - 4

EU drives sustainable buildings with Level(s)

Kestutis Sadauskas
Pages 5 - 7

Level(s) and EU standards – tighten cooperation

Johann Zirngibl
Pages 10 - 16

Renovation Strategies: The road to sustainable recovery

Caroline Milne, Maria Stambler
Pages 17 - 21

The 3rd Revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Jasper Vermaut
Pages 22 - 26

The smart readiness indicator for buildings: current status and next steps

Andrei Vladimir Lițiu, Olli Seppänen, Spyridon Pantelis, Jaap Hogeling
Pages 28 - 33

People-Centred Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings

Domen Bančič, Jure Vetršek
Pages 34 - 41

QUEST- Certified Quality Management Services for De-Risking Building Performance Investments

Ivo Martinac, Stefan Plesser, Cormac Ryan, Han-Suck Song, Ole Teisen, Jin Wen
Pages 42 - 48

A Circular economy from an HVAC perspective

Olaf Oosting
Pages 49 - 52

Next generation sustainable product legislation

Stijn Renneboog
Pages 54 - 57

Implications of COVID-19 pandemic for application of natural ventilation

Froukje van Dijken, Atze Boerstra
Pages 58 - 63

New approach in Ventilation Performance Metrics

Rob van Holsteijn, William Li
Pages 64 - 69

Downflow ventilation system ensures healthy and safe air in elevator cabins

Ad van der Aa, Richard Claessen, Willem van der Spoel, Peter van der Velde
Pages 71 - 78

Local Heating Networks: Low-Temperature Networks with High-Performance Pipes as Energy Efficiency Drivers

Michal Vimr
Pages 79 - 81

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